Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Spell check is bound to create great mental distress

Now that I am working in an office in the UK I am seeing the slight differences in the language and in the technology. It isn't much, but it is enough to confuse me slightly. I always have to check back and try to figure out why spell check is telling me that I have spelled a word wrong. It causes my typing to slow immensely.

First of all, I have a UK keyboard which in itself is different. The "@~#$ signs are all in different places. And of course there is the addition of £ and €. I send out emails all day with the @ sign in a different place. Then I go home and send personal emails and my fingers can't find that @ again on my US keyboard. Not to mention the size and shapes of the shift and enter keys.

But the thing that has really caused my brain to go all wonky is the spell check. I was typing an email in my company outlook account and typed 'color' which of course it corrected me to change it to 'colour'. Then later I was sending out a gmail email and I typed 'colour' which it then corrected me to change it to 'color'. I have this problem a lot it seems with 'center'/'centre' and even now blogger is going crazy with those little red dotted lines trying to tell me I have a typo.

Really I must come home to avoid all this confusion, it could be damaging in the long run. :)