Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Rocking out to the 80's and funny faces

A friend took us out to a place called Vinopolis in London last week. It is basically a self catered wine tasting event. You get tickets for each station and you go around and pick out the wines you want to taste all over the world. I recommend avoiding wines from Thailand, specifically Monsoon! It was such a blast! After we decided to carry on and go to a club near Regent's Street. Despite the fact that the DJ would not shut up we rocked out to their 80's inspired night. For some reason every time a camera came out so did the looks.....You have to see to know what I am talking about. Check us out below!

Monday, 8 October 2007

They really do fry everything in Scotland...

We set out after work on Friday to take the train to Gatwick airport. When we got to Guildford to change trains to Gatwick we found that our train was canceled. So with the next train not coming in time for us to make our flight, we were forced to take a taxi. It was like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The cab took us through all the small country roads trying to take shortcuts to get us to our plane. We drove down these one lane roads moving for horses and other cars. An hour later we made it to the airport. We paid the guy far too much money for the ride and started running since our gate was technically closing in ten minutes. Luckily we only had overnight bags and had already checked in online.

We get to security and ask the woman if there is a faster lane to get through. After scanning Josh's ticket she says that she thinks the last lane is fastest. So we run over to the last lane having picked up a few followers who were also trying to make the same plane. They go to scan Josh's ticket again and she says, "I'm sorry sir, but you've already gone through. You have to go back to check in." I have never seen the look that was in Josh's eyes like that moment. It thought he was going to lose it. He was like, "Ma'am you don't understand I have to make the plane." Then the woman says, "I'm sorry sir, I can't let you through."

Before he freaks, I say, "Josh just go back to the old line, I will try to stall at the gate." He leaves and I proceed through security. I take my shoes, belt, and watch off. I am not taking any chances at this point. I go through the scanner just fine, but the woman frisks me any way. Then my shoes come back, my belt, my watch......But my bag is sitting by the X-ray. They run it through again. The woman takes it off the belt and sets it next to her without even a glance at me. I wait and I wait and I wait. No one makes a move to my bag. They are just going about their business. I finally ask in I'm sure what sounded like a 5 year old squeak. "Uh there something wrong with my bag?" She turns to me and says almost on the edge of rude, "Yes, it's going to need to be searched. I just kept repeating in my head, be nice, be nice, be nice. I wanted to lose it, but knew anger was not going to get me to my plane.

Meanwhile I see Josh's head popping up over the line behind me followed by a guy with a walkie talkie. He points and the guy pushes his way through to get to me. Josh is having a heart attack asking me why I am stopped. I super sweetly told the woman we were going to miss our plane and so she started rushing through the search. Apparently it's not enough to put your liquids into plastic, but you have to also put them through X-ray separately.

She gives me the a-ok so we begin our run once more. Turning the corner we check for our gate and what do you know.....the last gate in the terminal. Of course! So we flat out run. I got to the point were I was shouting, "Just go on without me, I can't make it!" Panting into the gate, they were just letting the last people on to the plane. We made it in the nick of time!

Despite a stressful beginning, we had a blast in Scotland! Check out the pics from our trip below!

Andy Warhol attacked Edinburgh

All through out Sunday we could hear bagpipes playing

Isn't my new boyfriend hot? Don't tell Josh he might be jealous!

This is where we started our literary pub tour. Which turned into a pub crawl.

Josh is going to storm the castle...think he'll make it?

Look at that sky...who said it always rains in the UK?

I needed some lunch...What do you mean there's not actually soup in that can?

Josh or Rachel? Rachel or Josh?
Ok I know it's kind of creepy.

Starbucks at Edinburgh Castle.

MMMMMM! Deep fried Mars Bars!

Like my hat??

Josh had to have Scotch, might as well go for the 21 year old.