Sunday, 25 March 2007

Thwarted by Summer Time!

Last night we met up with Josh's colleague and his wife for dinner. We went to this gorgeously charming French restaurant in London. It was a lovely dinner with the exception of my sea bass arriving to the table complete with head and tail. I thoroughly enjoyed the company and they invited us back to their new flat after dinner. We sat around and chatted and drank wine as the time flew by. We realized that it was getting late and unfortunately the trains stop running at a certain time of the night. So he went online for us to check the last train. The last train was at 2 am. So at half one they drove us over to the train station and we said our goodbyes. After walking around the train station and coming across nothing but closed doors we had to call back with profound apologies that we were not able to make it home that night. He came back through the train station and we went back to their flat. We chatted for a bit watched *ahem* a silly movie called Kentucky Fried Movie, which is not quite my thing, and crashed out shortly after. This morning when Josh and I woke up, Josh's friend was in the living room watching football (soccer). The cable box read 1 hour later than we thought it should be. Turns out the train was at the exact hour of the summer time change over (daylight savings) which we were at the time unaware. So we missed the train by an hour. It was the first time that the time change got the better of me. I am going to miss that brief few weeks where the difference between me and my peeps in LA was a mere 7 hours. Oh well, back to staying up past my bedtime to chat with home. :)