Monday, 21 May 2007

Geocaching, Take two.

Despite a week with nothing but clouds and rain, the sun managed to peek itself out for a while on Saturday morning. This time around I actually pushed Josh to go out. We decided to go hiking and geocaching. Check out the pics below of our day!

This is my new friend. :)

Who needs a skateboard?

During this whole thing there was an old lady watching us and cracking up! She approached me after with the thickest cockney accent I've ever heard that was actually real. I couldn't understand her, but she was trying to tell us go to the playground. You can see Josh on the zip line in that playground in the video below. They have the most entertaining playgrounds ever. Check out the rope thing below.

Never let go, Jack!

This is what Josh had me traipsing through to find some box.

We Found It!!!

Josh signing the geocache log.