Monday, 9 April 2007

My own Canterbury Tale

This is a good representation of the roundabouts we dealt with all day.
They do not have just normal intersections.
It was the one part of driving in the UK that I haven't gotten used to yet.

Nice reminders posted along the roads.

This was our first view of Dover Castle.

Dover Castle from inside the walls.

This is from the drawbridge of Dover Castle.

Josh could not resist joining the children.
The hills surrounding the castle were calling to him.

I'm not sure the message here is really Do Not Climb.
It looks more like falling, but that's just me.

The not so White Cliffs of Dover.

This was the gate to some weird bunker carved out into the white cliffs.
I just thought this looked cool, this rust made it look almost cartoonish.

I could not find a hotel to reserve in Dover, so I settled for booking something in nearby Canterbury. It ended up being a better place to stay. Canterbury was such a cool city! This is our hotel. We were above the Starbucks and next to the gate into the Canterbury Cathedral. Our window is in the roof on the left. Can you see the room slanting to the right?

This was the view from our the hall outside the bathroom, the Canterbury Cathedral. It was gorgeous, however, the bathroom was shared with everyone on our floor.

The Cathedral at 2am Easter morning, again from the bathroom.

This was no trick of the camera. Our room was really that slanted.
Reina was afraid of rolling off the bed because it was downhill.
We hung out one night and played cards since the city closed
down for the Easter holiday. The drinks would slide down the table.
We had to keep it against the wall to collect anything that slid.
Walking from the door to the opposite wall was like walking up hill.

This is from our bedroom. Every time I look at these roofs
I wanna sing Chim-Chimney, Chim-Chimney, Chim-Chim-Che-roo!!

This trip was awesome! I look forward to exploring the cliffs of Dover once again with my parents this summer!! The only complaint I have about this bank holiday is that I wanted to take advantage having a car and actually buy things at the grocery store that I normally don't because I have to carry it all back to my house on a mile walk. Apparently everything shuts down completely for Easter. Ooops! So much for that. Other than that, it was great to show Reina a rare, yet gorgeous weekend in our temporary home town. She left today, leaving us with a lovely overcast sky....couldn't leave the nice weather could ya?