Thursday, 8 February 2007

A glimpse of our town.

This church is on the street
where our new flat will be. I trudged around
all morning in the snow trying to find the flat
where we will be living to take a picture, but
I couldn't find should have been near the
church. I guess I was too focused on keeping the
umbrella over my head and trying to stay dry.
When I mapquested it later I realized I don't think
I went far enough down Heathside Road. Oh well,
when we finally get the keys and move in then I will
take pictures.

This is the main street in my quaint little town of Woking. This is what I joke as being called American Way since there is a Subway, a Pizza Hut, a KFC and I think a McDonalds. It is the main street in town. Behind me is a mall and beyond this street on the end in front of me is the residential area. There is a train station to the right beyond the building. This is pretty much the extent of the town.