Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Shout out to my MacGyver Man!

My hard drive arrived today, so Josh came home for lunch to get me all set up. Of course we have nothing with us, however, to use to take the screws out. All the supplies are in the boxes that will take weeks to get here. So he searches our hotel room. He comes up with a butter knife, a hair clip and tweezers. Between the three he final got the hard drive out. The noises made me crazy though. I kept thinking he was going to screw up my computer. So I hid my head like the a scary scene in a horror flick. I turned slowly to ask if it was over yet. Finally!! (pah) Success!! A brand new shiny hard drive and the ability to actually use my computer to its full potential. Thanks MacGyver! Sorry for the diminutive faith in your skills.