Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Here I am at Stonehenge and let me tell you this audio commentary is fascinating! The woman is currently telling me for the thousandth time that they have no idea how the people of this day got the stones there. They speculate many times, but then in the extras section they tell us that the stories they know about the stones are really myths and legends. So how did they get the stones there? We will never know, but hey it's cool nonetheless.

Josh and I took our first venture out to the English country side this past weekend. We started in a town called Salisbury which is about 20 minutes outside of Stonehenge. We wandered around the market place which was much like a flea market and surprises of all surprises we left with 5 new books. Well previously loved new books. : ) We found the busiest bakery in town and figured since the line was out the door that was where we needed to be for lunch. It was so good!!! It was well worth the wait.

Later we headed to Amesbury where our hotel was located to hang out for the night. Little did we know it was the smallest town ever and had nothing to do, except of course go to the local pub. So we did. That was fun, I ordered a Jamison and ginger ale and the bartender laughed and told me not to let Mary see me with my drink. Then he leaned over and told Mary about my drink while they gave me the crazy death look for daring to mix my whiskey. Thank goodness Josh followed with a nice big pint of Guiness to make me look better. It was kind of scary. Not anything like the American friendly pubs in London.

We then went on to find some great Indian food and crashed out for the night. The next morning we walked 2.5 miles to Stonehenge through the gorgeous rolling country side. It was interesting walking up to the stones with people taking their morning jog passed the stones like it's no big deal. They were truly impressive. It was actually cool to see them in person. But I must say they look exactly like the pictures I have seen all my life. Just bigger really. : )

Anyway, off to a safe pub for lunch.