Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The Take Away Fiasco

I don't know if people in this area generally do not deal with to go food, but last night we decided to go get a pizza to take back to the hotel. I was rushing to get home because it was 6:30 and my one tiny salvation in American TV, American Idol, was supposed to be on at 7. It's the only one of the shows I watch that I can actually get on basic cable. Unless I want to watch Everyone Hates Raymond, which seems to always be on. So we go to Pizza Hut. (Yeah I know, but you have to know there is so much American Food here!! There isn't anywhere else for pizza.) So we go in, and it is a nice place. There is a family eating at a table and they have cute little tea pots and there is a wine shelf behind the counter, just like a cute Italian eatery. There are two kids working behind the counter and we ask for the take away menu. The girl seems all flustered and hands us one of a stack of take away menus they have on the counter. So we decide what we want and place our order. Now we got the deal where you can get a medium and a starter for £9.99. Of course I pick the one starter that confuses the girl, even though it says salad on the list of things I can choose from. Finally she finds a salad bowl container. Then while we are waiting she brings us our drinks in glasses. Real glass, glasses. Josh asks for to go cups since they had given me a drink cup for my dressing, so he figured they had one. She brings us back a two liter bottle and says "Will this do?" At this point we are just thinking sure whatever. Then we asked for forks for the salad, she had to go and converse with her co-worker to see where they were. In the end, we ended up with the smallest medium pizza I've ever seen, a 2-liter of the wrong soda, and two very confused looking teenagers. Then when I got home and settled in, all ready to watch me some American Idol, I flip to the channel and it is not on. Turns out the hotel only gets iTV1 and American Idol is on iTV2. Go figure! Should have just gone to the pub.