Sunday, 11 February 2007

Smells like Teen Spirit?

Check out Josh in Kurt Cobain's glasses. Yes they are the actual glasses in this picture I found of Kurt Cobain. Despite some reservations we decided to go eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. Turns out there was loads more history there than I first had thought. It is the first Hard Rock Cafe ever and was created by two American guys who decided to give a go of making a cafe in London, bringing American food to the British. One of their patrons was
Eric Clapton, who loved his food away from home. One day Clapton decided that he should have a table reserved for him and suggested such to the owners. They asked him jokingly for a guitar to put up by his table, for which he obliged. They put it up and that was that. Until they received a package from Pete Townshend with a guitar of his saying, "Mine's as good as his! Love, Pete." And thus began what we know today as the Hard Rock Cafe. We were passing by and decided to get some food. I saw the greatest guitar on the wall. It was made for the amazing Steve Vai. I asked the waitress if I could take a picture, (because Josh was so paranoid we'd get thrown out) and she said of course and gave us tickets to the tour of the vault. I thought hey, let's go check it out, why not. So we went and let me tell you it was so cool!!! Not only were we allowed to take pictures, but we were allowed to hold the guitars, play them, wear Elvis' sash, hold Miles Davis' trumpet. The only thing we couldn't hold was Stevie Ray Vaughn's because it is autographed and has since been rubbed quite a bit, so they discontinued that. Anyway, check out the pictures of us in the vault below. It turned out to be quite and experience. Stevie Ray Vaughan is directly below. The Joe Satriani is for Christopher. There are two pictures of me. The one on the left I am holding a Jimi Hendrix guitar while sitting on a bench from his apartment. The one on the right is Ritchie Valens guitar. Lastly, for you Beatles fans, and I know there are a few left. That is the army shirt worn by him given to him by a man in the army in the airport. The paper behind it is the original Imagine notes that he took into the studio with him.