Monday, 5 February 2007

Tea overdose and tour bus nap

So here we are...I never thought this day would come, but we are in London. We live here now and it is so insane to say that out loud. It still doesn't feel real because we are in a hotel and let me tell you, it is tiny! I guess hotels don't really accommodate 3 stuffed suitcases. We got in Saturday afternoon and it took about three hours to get into Woking from the airport. We were so tired that we both fell asleep around 7 pm while trying to watch a movie. We woke up around 1 am. I was wide awake!! So we waited and waited and waited some more until 7:30, which is when breakfast is served. It was so weird walking out of there without putting a tip on the table, but it isn't their way. We went into London center and Josh gave me a little walking tour, which meant that we walked around in circles while he attempted to get his bearings back. About 4 cups of tea later, we decided to take a bus tour around the city, that way I could get a better feel for the lay of the land. It was so cold and I was so tired that most of the tour my head keep dropping as I fought off sleep. Once we started walking around again I was fine though. Today I think I am back to normal. Although my computer is not, my new hard drive comes on wednesday. So once we get it all fixed up I will have pictures to post. : )