Friday, 9 February 2007

Yet another reason Cochlear Implants should not be used!

I read several deaf blogs and todays article really caught my eye. Why are we forcing CIs on children when they will have trouble with the simplest things in life? Children with CIs are not able to touch those electric lights the gives little currents and the light follows your hands. They are told to be careful near televisions. I mean come on, televisions. How can you tell a child to keep away from the TV because it may destroy their limited hearing or worse. Now they are not supposed to be in hybrid cars? The article is very informative. Check out the quote below. Also here is the link to the site where I read it.

"Hybrid cars are pretty new, they’re pretty expensive but they’re great for the environment and maybe later in the future they will become more popular and less expensive. However, people with pacemakers cannot ride these cars. Now, people with CIs are warned to not ride in these cars."

Shouldn't we find a safer alternative BEFORE we put them in our 6 month old babies?